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Anna plays tennis

May 27th, 2005

A person’s name have absolutely nothing to do with the abilities, and career choice, of that person (Barring of course those people with really unfortunate names, who get mad over being made fun of, and go postal). Which is why I found a short news reports I heard on the radio yesterday amusing.

This was about a recent tennis match, the women’s singles at the French Open. I’m not interested in tennis, so I know nothing about the competition, and nothing about the players.

Which doesn’t really matter, since the announcer only referred to a single match, which apparently went rather well for the Israeli Anna Smashnova. The other name the announcer mentioned was a German player, in that match, called Anna-Lena Groenefeld.

And as someone who isn’t into tennis, there is only a single additional name of a women tennis player that I ever heard of, this being Anna Kournikova. Who admittedly did not become that well known due to her tennis skills, but it doesn’t change the fact that I did come across the name.

So, in this personal and scientifically unsound research, I must come to the conclusion that there is a distinct positive correlation between being called Anna and playing pro tennis. Further research will need to be done (by someone else, thank you very much) on whether it means Annas are better at tennis, or are just more inclined to want to play tennis.

Euroleague game victory

May 8th, 2005

Many around here in Israel seem excited over the Israeli team winning on the Euroleague games. You can catch screaming people, and people babbling without control. There are numerous celebrations on the streets and in community centres. Heck, one of my mother’s client set an appointment with her, and forgot to even call and say he won’t be arriving…

All because a group of our highly paid muscled guys turned out to be marginally more successful than a group of someone else’s (Spain?) highly paid muscled guys, at throwing balls through hoops. Truly fantastic. Of all the things we need in this country, being the best at throwing balls short distances through hoops, is certainly at the top of the list. Along with bouncing same balls on the floor while running, of course.

Sorry, did I say our guys? I meant our, as in the ones we hire and pay for, not that they are Israelis. From what I was told, about half of them are foreign contracts. So the victory, the exciting point, is that some Israeli coach was able to assemble a team of people from all over the world, that was able to shoot balls through hoops better than a team that some Spanish coach was able to assemble…. Do you get the sense that maybe I don’t quite feel the full impact of the gravitas of the situation?