Special gift, now at a low cost!

Gift, for a priceSome people have a hard time understanding the concept of a gift, or free. This usually happens in marketing and sales departments.

Case in point, this latest special offer from my credit card company. I saw these images (in Hebrew) today, and both are for the same offer. The first comes from their website and the second from an email they sent.

The large line happily informs their customers that they’re getting 50 ILS as a gift.

The smaller line below it clarifies that the gift can be obtained in exchange for 2,000 points.

Gift, for a priceThese points are a standard credit card deal. You buy stuff with the card, you get points/stars/whatever. And you can get discounts and special[1] offers in exchange for these points.

So now they have a special deal, where you can buy something else with those points. A gift. That’s right, you can pay them to give you a gift.

Someone should buy them a gift – a dictionary.

  1. usually so special as to be entirely unworthwhile, but that may just be me. Still, this offer right here comes to 0.025 ILS per point, and that’s actually a good rate. After years of using the card I think I’m not even at 10,000 points. You get the drift[back]

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