Paying exact change should be a good indicator of choice

I just don’t get the thought process of some people.

Some days ago I had to take a bus ride. This bus covered two areas (same city, and a different city it was going to), so had two different ticket prices based on the destination.

The cheaper ticket was 3.50 ILS, and the more expensive one was 4.60 ILS.

I needed to go to a station in the same city, and I had too many leftover small coins, so I prepared exact change. 8 coins, totalling 3.50 ILS.

I went on the bus, and gave the coins to the driver.

The driver then counted the money. He went over flipping the coins one by one. This was definitely counting. He saw exactly how much money I gave him. And again I remind you, there were only two different fares for this line.

After counting the money, he pushed a button on his register, and it printed a ticket. Or a sort of a ticket/receipt combo, since these new machines look pretty much like cash registers elsewhere. And are amazingly designed to print the actual fare, the worth of the ticket, at the very last, where you can’t see it when you take the ticket out.

Of course it’s possible to take a look at the ticket after pulling it out. But that requires doing so consciously and intentionally. If you just take the ticket out of the machine and put it in your pocket, you won’t see the value.

So I took the ticket, put it in my pocket, and went onward inside the bus to get my seat.

Suddenly the bus driver yelled at me. He asked me where I was travelling to.

Somewhat perplexed I told him what station I needed to get to, and that it’s inside the city.

He then started to complain, being quite indigent, that I should tell him things like that when I ask for my ticket, because he needs to know what fare to charge me.

Turns out that, after counting my 3.50 in exact change, he still assumed I wanted the 4.60 ticket, and that’s the one he issued me. So when I just went inside the bus without paying the reminder of the money, he was annoyed.

I went back, gave him the ticket, and got a new one. Somehow I refrained from apologizing for my inconsiderate behaviour…

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