Don’t bother people who are not your users

I just got a message from Yahoo letting me know that they’ll be shutting down the Yahoo Photos service soon.

The stated purpose of which was to let me know that I need to take out the pictures I stored in Yahoo Photos and move them elsewhere.

Except that, well, I don’t have any pictures in Yahoo Photos.

I tested it a while back. Once. I just put a couple of pictures there, saw the behaviour, and then removed the pictures.

Haven’t used the service in over a year, I believe.

And in any case, I don’t have any picture there. When I tried to follow their link to go to my pictures, just to verify, it didn’t show me any picture either.

So I know I’m not using the Yahoo Photos service. And Yahoo knows I’m not using the Yahoo Photos service. In this case, what exactly was the point in their email?

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  1. Rose Spider says:

    I’m totally in agreement.
    Hi btw ::waves:: Long time no see.
    Anyways, I can top that.
    About a year and a half ago I decided to start my own Yahoo! group. Fine, I started one (which_we_call_a_rose), made a nice picture for the starting page, RL got in the way and I totally forgot about it.
    Last week a friend of mine (yes, that would be Kay) came over to watch the CSI´s last season finale & this season starter. My computer pretty much went into a coma. I tried to reset it and it totally went bezerk. In other words, it went Poof!
    Now, it´s been repaired, (thanks Dad) and I´ve been looking through old files I, thankfully, parked on my external hard-drive, and I came upon my ‘favorite links’ file. Among which I found the link to my Yahoo! group. My reaction: "Oh… do I still got that? Hmm… let’s check…" So I click on the link, the site opens, I log in…: And the freaking thing asks me if I want to join. Join? It’s my freaking group?! What do I have to join for?!!!!
    So now my "membership is awaiting approval by the group owner". Which is me… Yahoo! logics.. ain’t it…


  2. Post author comments:

    Hi Rose!
    Great to hear from you. :-)

    Good story.
    So… did you approve your membership, or do you know yourself well enough to know you don’t want you anywhere in your group? ;-)

  3. Rose Spider says:

    Well, I never got a mail in my inbox saying I wanted to join. So I think I’m gonna have to mail the Yahoo! helpdesk about this strange phenomenon ;p


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