Road repair

There’s a strangely designed junction next to my office that confused drivers for quite some time now.

The way the junction design combined a few of the lanes is non-intuitive, and is different from the usual arrangement. This causes people driving from one of the directions to take the wrong lane for turning left, a lane which is not their turning lane but rather a lane going on the opposite directions.

An accident waiting to happen, as it is. It didn’t happen yet, as far as I know, only because most of the people driving in the area are “regulars”, and so know the junction. And because there are a lot of idiots parking where they shouldn’t by the side of the street, thereby forcing everyone to drive slower.

Several days ago I had a nice surprise, though. The city has repainted the road[1] again. The markings now go deeper into the junction than the remains of the previous ones, to remove any ambiguity for drivers. And they’re done in new clear white paint, instead of that hard to see orange/yellow the transportation authority seems so fond of these days.

Now there’s less chance of people killing themselves. And it has the added benefit of not getting me annoyed by seeing people overtake me to the left into the junction, when I’m in the single lane from which it should be possible to turn from.

  1. All the original road markings have been eroded off, and dusted over, many years ago[back]

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