Just as lousy

I don’t entirely understand a new wave of commercials that seem to be hitting us lately.

Ideally the purpose of a commercial is to try and convince customers that your product is good for them, and that it’s better for them than competing products.

Newer TV and radio commercials, for quite a few years now, often just try to work by pushing the brand name. These commercial don’t actually say anything about the product, but instead make a lot of noise in the hope that the name will stick to people’s memory.

But this latest batch are just plain odd. Oh, the basic premise is clear enough, they tell people that they’re cheaper than the competition. If you’re just as good as the competition, but cost less, it’s an advantage. It may not be suitable for all people, especially those more concerned with quality than with money, but it works.

These ones, though, don’t say they’re just as good as the competition. They say they’re just as bad as the competition. These commercials pick aspects of the quality of their product, or service, which are known to be bad, and which annoy and trouble customers. And they explicitly say that it’s a problem and it’s bad.

But instead of saying they’ll improve, they just say that it’s the same with the competition, but that they cost less than the competition. So why pay more to get the same lousy product?

It does make some sense, in the specific cases where all alternatives are indeed crappy. But is this really the sort of branding companies want? For people to think of them not only as the cheapest, but as bad, lousy, and crappy?

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