Glasses are for improving eyesight, not creating it

A worker came to the office today to take some measurements for a modification we requested.

At some point he squinted at his measurement meter and complained that it’s hard to read.

Naturally enough, my boss suggested to him that maybe it’s time for him to get glasses. A rather obvious idea given that the guy is noticeably over 40, and doesn’t wear distance glasses. Statistically speaking he’s well past the stage when he began to need reading glasses.

But instead of saying it may indeed be time, he denied the need for reading glasses. Why? Because, as he said “I can still see. I just can’t see well”.

Which is very odd. If he couldn’t see at all, glasses would likely not help him a single bit. Glasses are supposed to help improve eyesight. His eyesight is, as he admitted, deteriorating. And this fits the job description of glasses perfectly.

Except that in his eyes (pun intended) the purpose of glasses is apparently different. With his attitude almost nobody would wear glasses at all. Even half-blind people would eschew them, since they can still see. Just the totally blind ones will consider glasses, but that will rarely do them any good.

Interesting attitude. But as long as he only makes himself suffer, that’s his own problem.

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