Leave the toilet paper alone

Sudoku toilet paperLook, we all know why people buy toilet paper, where they put it, and what they most likely plan on doing with it. Right?

When toilet paper rolls with delicate designs such as light drawings of flowers, puppies, or abstract shapes came out, I didn’t really get it. I care about the texture, but not about how it looks like.

Ideally I prefer not to look at toilet paper. Not for long.

But apparently everything is a market, and even toilet paper makers have aspirations and imagination.

Black toilet paperA few weeks ago I discovered there’s black toilet paper. Deep uniform rolls of black toilet paper. Quite pricey, too.

And now I see another version, going not for the artistic angle, but for the useful-pastime angle. Sudoku toilet paper. With a new Sudoku puzzle on every sheet.

What toilet paper innovations are we likely to see next?

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  1. Robert hookway says:

    The manufacturer of the Sudoku Toilet Roll is Product Placement Ltd

    Robert Hookway


    product placement ltd

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  2. Post author comments:

    Hi Robert,

    If that’s true, can I recommend getting your company some web presence, and make your official email go through your own domain instead of your ISP?

    These days it creates a very unprofessional impression for a company not to have a site or their own domain. Plus, it means that it will be hard work for anyone wanting to find out, or verify, who makes the products you say you do.

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