Some people will do anything in a car

It has become an all too common sight, a car driver using the travel time to finish the morning routine.

There are the ones who just do quick touches, not really risking themselves or anyone else. Quickly passing a comb through the hair, or applying lipstick.

And the ones completing their meal, taking occasional bites of a sandwich while driving.

Somewhat worse are the women doing a full make-up routine during the drive. This can go on for quite a while, covering a few long roads and several stops at traffic lights.

And there are those that totally amaze me, catching up on their morning newspapers while driving. Switching between looking at the road, and glancing at the pages of the paper spread in front of them over the driving wheel. Or, more likely, between glancing at the road and intently reading the paper.

This last group has recently been joined by a few people with an in-car TV, who watch the news, or maybe just movies, while driving.

After a while you get inured to these things. They still look stupid and dangerous, but there is no longer any surprise on seeing anyone doing this.

Today I got a surprise, though. People will never fail to amaze you, and that’s a fact. New lows are always there for someone to sink into.

I saw a guy shave. Yes, shave. While driving a car.

A dry shave. Maybe he was worried that water and shaving cream would spill in the car. And the logistics of doing it while driving are simpler, that’s true. Spreading lots of small hairs all over his clothes, and in the car, wasn’t a problem for him though.

And neither were holding a knife next to his throat and face while in a moving vehicle surrounded by other moving vehicles, or having to turn his rear-view mirror to show his face instead of the back of the road.

Will wonders never cease?

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