The next big terrorist target: Bingo

In Kentucky they take the war against terror seriously, and like to cover all the angles. Terrorist activities need funding. Heck, everything needs funding, and terror is no different. So one of the things to do to fight terror is to try and block their avenues of obtaining funds. And the fine people of Kentucky have started acting in earnest to stop a major gaping hole in the terror-funding blockage: Bingo games

Kentucky has been awarded a federal Homeland Security grant aimed at keeping terrorists from using charitable gaming to raise money [...] The idea is to keep terrorists from playing bingo or running a charitable game to raise large amounts of cash, Holiday said.

Because nothing spells lots and lots of free-flowing money quite like Bingo does. And if the fine people of Kentucky can see it, then it must be just a matter of time until the terrorists do to…

Sure, Bingo games are a way to make money. But it’s not such an amazingly terrific way. So yes, terrorist probably could also raise some money from Bingo games. But they can use all the other methods as well. If someone can make money out of it, so can a terrorist.

What then, you’ll go after each and every single way in which people can potentially raise money? Because if you do, then you should be aware right from the start that there’s only one thing to do. Only one method that can guarantee those nasty terrorists won’t be able to make their money. Only one sure-fire way to guarantee that those terrorist will not have any way to make a dime

Communism. If Kentucky will fully embrace communism, to the fullest, not letting anyone own any private property, then they’ll solve the problem.

The state Office of Charitable Gaming won the $36,300 grant and will use it to provide five investigators with laptop computers and access to a commercially operated law-enforcement data base

I also really wonder how are they going to spend an amount of $36,300 on just five laptop computers. I know laptops are expensive, but this strikes me as rather steep… I think maybe someone there should take a look into ways for law enforcement to make money. Or better yet, ways for them to save money, instead of spending it on all this nonsense. Seriously.

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  1. gary says:

    The office of charitable gaming has a revolving door for its management. The director of enforcement who is credited with obtaining this grant is already gone.
    He had a background in the military (thank you for your service, sir) and military intelligence and counter-terrorism. He brought the war with him when he took his position at OCG.

    EVERY officer position in the OCG has changed staff since the grant was issued…less than one year! And this has been the story since the inception of the department. The most stable positions are the VACANT ones! Sorry, but this is no joke.

    Aside from the fact that $36,000.00 is a ridiculous sum for five laptops (have they heard of “Best Buy”?) This office couldn’t stop a terrorist from raising money if it wanted to! Which it doesn’t. Why? Because the terrorist would pay the SAME $5.30/$1000 gross tax…oops…FEE, to the department that all other “charities” do.

    Examples? There are plenty, but here is a good one. In 2000 the department issued a charitable gaming license to “Bluegrass Songbirds” a Hardin county “charity” in the record smashing time of 18 days. Good work. Get them gaming fast and the tax…oops…FEEs rolling in. Problem? Oh, yes. Bluegrass songbirds did not exist! In order to “qualify” for a license, the “directors” of Bluegrass Songbirds obtained the records of another wildlife rehab organization…Woodland Wildlife Rehab. These records are available to ANYONE (even a terrorist) by sending a faxed letter to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in Atlanta and requesting them under the freedom of information act. The directors of Bluegrass Songbirds (license number 1321 issued by the office of charitable gaming) simply changed the name of the organization on three years worth of reports and VOILA!!!!! A license to steal (and pay taxes…oops…FEEs on) over $1,000,000 per year is issued by the OCG! But of course we know this NOW and so does the OCG so what did they do? When SHOWN that the documents were false by comparing copies of ORIGINAL records from USFWS and the forgeries, they took SEVEN MONTHS to independently confirm the data…available to anyone with a telephone by calling USFWS. The private investigator that discovered this received his information from USFWS within 24 HOURS! (he probably didn’t pay $7,000 for a laptop computer, either). Shall we make matters worse? The phoney organization used the same address and had the same “officers” as another existing organization ALREADY licensed by the OCG! The only “glitch” in the license application occurred when the eagle-eyed (and birdbrained) “examiner” noted that the PRESIDENT of Bluegrass Songbirds was also the “President” of another organization ALREADY LICENSED by the OCG. This caused “red flags” to go up in the keen senses of the license examiner, so the examiner FAXED a letter to the “President” of Bluegrass Songbirds informing her she could NOT be the President of TWO organizations licensed by the OCG. This is AGAINST THE LAW! The “President” of Bluegrass Songbirds, not wishing to violate ANY laws, FAXED a letter to the examiner “resigning” her position with the OTHER organization! OK, well, that’s settled. We can’t have someone PRETENDING to be the President of TWO licensees.

    Terrorists would do well to note this possible trip wire/firewall.

    Terrorists could simply obtain all the information they need through open records, or the OCG’s website, fill out an application and VOILA start paying taxes…oops…FEEs, and making money. No Kalishnikovs needed!

    But, I digress, to the the OCGs credit, they swiftly (2 years and 7 months later)FINED the offending “organization” $2,000 for “filing false license applications” TWICE! But they DID NOT revoke the license and allowed the “organization” to CONTINUE gaming and paying taxes…oops…FEEs (and fines) though they had NEVER produced ANY documentation that they EVER existed on their own and had failed to meet the minimum retainage of 40% in EACH quarter they had gamed. SO…with graphic evidence that an organization:

    1) DOES NOT exist
    2) STILL does not exist
    3) DID NOT use the minimum gaming funds for the chairty

    the OCG continues to issue licenses and collect taxes…ooops…FEEs to a PROVEN phoney organization. This CANNOT be fixed with 5 laptop computers regardless of how much money is wasted on them.

    But this was pre-9/11. Certainly they have wised up. Right? Wrong. As recently as TODAY ( the OCG is allowing organizations to continue gaming when they have eveidence that they are misappropriating funds or funneling them into a single purpose and have been for some time.

    ALL of the documents supporting my statements are available from the Kentucky Office of Charitable Gaming (including the hilarious exchange of faxed letters regarding the “president’s” position) by requesting a copy of the license file for organization number 1321, Bluegrass Songbird Rehabilitation, Inc.

    The OCG in Kentucky is a running joke and cannot be fixed by any amount of wasted taxpayers funds.


  2. Post author comments:

    Thanks for the info, Gary.
    It does seem like a long tradition of incompetence, rather than a single incident…

    Though you sound like you personally have some axe to grind, or am I wrong?

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