Tentative apologies to an unknown driver

On my way back home this evening, as I was standing at the traffic light in the junction into my city, the driver in the car next to me signed that she wanted to ask something. Usually that indicates someone asking for directions, as was indeed the case.

I turned off my radio, opened the window, and waited a few seconds (She didn’t open her own window beforehand, and it took her longer to do so than it took me). She asked how to get to a nearby city. From the junction we were at, the only two short ways run through my own city, so I quickly explained to her how to use the simplest route. She should have just taken left at the junction we were at (Going into the city, the other option being driving straight and joining back to the highway), then continued straight all the way until the road ended, then turned left again. And on that road there is a big crossroad taking her into the city she wanted to go.

It seemed simple enough, and it is. She thanked me, we both closed the car windows, and went on waiting for the traffic light to switch.

The traffic light switched, and with the way the cars were arranged she took the turn ahead of me. She also appeared in quite a hurray, while I was not, and was driving faster. All this to say, my care was somewhat behind her own car, and I couldn’t exactly follow what she was doing.

I kept driving on, and just as I passed (going straight ahead) the next turn, I noticed her car standing there at a traffic light, signalling to the left. Her left turn, the one she should have taken, the one I told her to take, was the one we were standing in, the one we both just already took. At this point she should have gone straight like I did, not turn left again. Turning left there was the connection back to the reverse direction on the highway we both came from.

I wanted to somehow sign to her that she should go on straight, but I was already past the traffic light at this point, with other cars driving behind me. Stopping would have been both illegal and highly dangerous. Not to mention turning back, which was even less of an option.

As far as I could see in my rear-view mirror, she turned left, back into the highway…

I can only hope she realized her mistake quickly enough. If she figured to drive on this road all the way until it ends, she was up for a very very long drive.

There are other ways to connect from there to where she wanted to go, but it’s a bit roundabout, and would have taken her more time. Assuming she’d gone off the highway at one of the first few exits, that is. Otherwise, she was in for quite a serious delay.

So lady, whoever you are, if it wasn’t a concious decision to turn back, but rather you misunderstood my instruction about the turn, my regrets for unintentionally sending you on the wrong direction…

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