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I’ve just noticed one of the oddest types of TV show sponsorship notification I’ve ever encountered.

Anyone who watches TV shows, at least on channels which aren’t entirely viewer paid, must be familiar with both commercial breaks, and sponsorship notification. To clarify my terminology here, which may not be the proper one, by commercials I mean those breaks in the program that show general ads and try to sell you products, and by sponsorship notifications I’m talking about the specific subset of those which aren’t a regular product commercial but rather say things like “This show brought to you by SponsorCompany”.

I was just now watching a local TV show, and the commercial breaks also included a sponsorship notification for the show. But they went a little bit more than just saying that the sponsor company helped to finance the show’s production.

They presented the website address of the show during that sponsorship notification. And the official web address was not in the main domain address of the show, but in a sub-domain named after the main sponsor. So anyone trying to go to the show’s website will have to type the sponsor company’s name to get to it.

To illustrate, if the show had been called Example, and the sponsor had been SponsorCompany, then instead of the show’s address being http://www.example.com , it was http://sponsorcompany.example.com . And that’s the only website address for the show that was presented.

There’s an amusing twist, though. This address, and the main domain address, both automatically redirect to a different page, under the domain of the TV company producing the show. So the sponsorship isn’t ever in the address beyond being typed initially. And it doesn’t have to be typed there, but just optional.


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  1. int-bum says:

    I have seen that before. It happens acctually alot. On VH1 they always put sponsorcompany.example.vh1.com ect.

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