Some people should not have a driver’s license

Some days I see a driver on the road doing something really stupid, or really illegal. Usually both at the same time.

But this morning a personal record was broken. All the way to work everything was fine, no problems at all. Then, on the last few small short streets, right before I reached my office, I had a sequence of three near collisions, one after the others.

The first one was on a two-way street, with one lane on each direction. The lane on the other direction wasn’t moving, since the first car was standing at a traffic light. At the same junction from which I just turned into the street. But a mini-bus driver further behind decided he doesn’t really wants to wait. The solution? Overtake everyone. So off he went, out of his lane, speeding up to overtake all the cars and squeeze in right before the traffic light.

Except, well, that overtaking lane of his wasn’t free. It was occupied. By me.

Luckily I had a right turn (which I wasn’t supposed to take) right at the point the mini-bus decided to frontally crash into my car. And luckily I was fast enough to quickly swerve to the side into the entrance to that side street, letting the insane mini-bus driver to go on. Because he wasn’t stopping. Heck, he wasn’t even slowing down.

Exclaiming, to myself, some choice expletives, I returned to my lane, and kept going. After the nearby turn was another similar street, one lane on each direction.

This street was a bit busier on both lanes, with traffic flowing. And shortly after entering it I reached a four-way intersection. And right in front of, on my lane, was a car driving in the opposite direction. And it wasn’t overtaking a blockage, or anything like that. The correct lane on the other direction was moving and flowing, no problems at all. But this genious of a driver decided both lanes are his way, and moved to the other one. He entered the intersection like that, from the wrong lane, nearly crashing into a car trying to turn right into the lane he was occupying.

And, of course, quite startling me in the process, since when entering the intersection I did not expect such a frontal assault. So everyone, on all the roads connected to the intersection, just froze. We stood there, waiting for the idiot to cross the intersection and join back into his correct lane. After which traffic flowed again.

Two very short turns later, and I entered the street on which my office is located. A one-way street, mind you. One lane, one way, the same way I, and a few cars in front of me, and behind me, were driving.

And then I noticed that the cars in front of me turned to the side and got on the sidewalk. Now, this is an area with parking problem, so sometimes people do crazy things like that, parking where they shouldn’t. But not in such a wholesale way.

So I looked ahead, and what do I see? A women driving a car on the opposite direction, against the direction of the road.

And as those cars cleared the road, which is barely wide enough for one car, she kept moving forward. Not having much choice (or more accurately, not being particularly early, so not wanting to waste the time of an extended argument), I moved to the sidewalk myself to let the idiot proceed and clear the street.

I did yell at her that it’s a one-way street. I think she heard me. I don’t think she cared.

Some morning drive.

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