Going out for a smoke

I don’t smoke, and I hate the stench of smoking. Many people, at least those who don’t smoke themselves, do too.

So for a smoker who craves another cigarette, it is usually considered polite to go outside for that smoke. Smoking a cigarette inside a building is very rude, as the smoke reaches everywhere, takes very long to dissipate, and can get the stench into furniture and clothing. When going outside, most of the smoke disappears into the atmosphere, and when the smoker gets back in they usually don’t carry with them anything more than really bad breath.

This is so common, that for many smokers it becomes automatic. When they feel they need a cigarette, they take one, and head outside. Usually they’re even nice enough not to actually light the thing until they’ve cleared out of the building.

On some cases, though, this habit isn’t always the best idea, though the exceptions are pretty rare:

Sellies was traveling on a Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to the east coast city of Brisbane on Saturday when the incident occurred at the start of a three-week Australian vacation with her husband, the court heard.

She walked toward one of the aircraft’s emergency exits with an unlit cigarette and a lighter in her hand and began tampering with the door, prosecutors said. But a flight attendant intervened and took Sellies back to her seat.

A very simple rule, actually: If you can’t go outside, don’t go outside to smoke. And if you can’t go outside, and can’t smoke inside, don’t smoke.

I’d go as far as to say just don’t smoke ever, in general, but that’s beside the point, and the relevant people won’t listen to me anyway, so I’ll pass.

Defense lawyer Helen Shilton told the court Sellies was terrified of flying and had taken sleeping tablets with alcohol before takeoff.

Shilton said Sellies has no memory of what happened on the flight and that she has a history of sleepwalking.

In her defence, the women probably really was totally drunk at the time. On the other hand, I’m not sure being totally drunk on a flight is such a great behaviour either.

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