Locked tight

When shops close down for the night, the owners have an understandable desire to reduce the chances of a break-in. So usually closed stores at night are locked behind solid metal bars, grates, and blinds. And when you go to a commercial center, containing many stores, they all are, one after the other.

So when I went to withdraw money from the ATM the other day, it being located in a cluster of shops, it was not surprising at all to see sights like these:

locked and barred stores locked and grated stores

supermarketWhat was surprising, though, was to find that a supermarket located in the same area, right next to them, only managed to get half the point.

If you look on the left side of the picture, you could clearly see the nice and strong metal grate which covers the entrance. So anyone wanting to enter through the locked sliding doors would be unable to. That’s a wise security measure, just like the bars on all the other shops in the area.

On the other hand, if you’d look at the right side of the picture, the same picture of the same supermarket, what do you see? Yes, you can blink again in disbelief, it won’t change anything. You really are seeing it. A clear glass (well, probably some transparent plastic and not glass, but that’s not really important, is it?) pane. A large and easily accessible clear pane, not protected by anything hard or metallic.

So instead of breaking the door, which is impossible because of the metal grate, anyone so inclined could just break the wall next to it. Very smart, isn’t it? What were they thinking?! Where they thinking?!

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