Road repairs

Usually driving at night is relatively a pleasure, because there isn’t much traffic, and all the roads are free. In recent weeks, however, the night hours are being used for road repair and restructuring. The work itself is needed, and much welcomed, but it would have been nice had it been limited to the very low-traffic hours of, say, 3AM, instead of starting at 11PM when it creates traffic jams.

Normally, though, that doesn’t bother me too much, since like I said the end results justify the disturbance. Also, the road areas being blocked are usually small parts just around the locations where they work, so the traffic disturbances are usually short.

Yesterday night it wasn’t like that. It started regularly enough, with those orange-and-white stripped traffic cones blocking one lane of a two-lane highway. Traffic slowed, but I expected to see the work crews any minute, and that it will be over soon. I kept driving on the one available lane, on and on, and on. It went on for something like 15 kilometres (That’s a little more than 9 miles). A long stretch of road, and it took a long time.

Many people even crossed into the blocked lane, to drive in it. Doesn’t happen in most cases, but the situation here was practically begging for it, since there was no apparent reason for the lane being blocked, and the road there looked in just a good condition as the one we were driving on.

Eventually it was over, and at the end was a vehicle that seemed (it was hard to take a good look, since at that point the blockage, and the traffic jam, ended, and I had to speed up and clear the road) to be spraying new paint on the white dashed line between lanes. Which really wasn’t in order, the markings were perfectly clear, if slightly worn, while other stretches of road had their markings eroded to invisibility without anyone doing anything about it.

I can only assume that they carried a huge pile of traffic cones with them, and left them behind after each part of the road they painted over. And did not bother to set anyone with the task of picking up the unnecessary ones on the back, once everything dried. Very annoying.

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