Can damage your health

Many food items sold today aren’t particularly healthy, and contain unhealthy ingredients. Many of them are also quite fatty. And this is certainly a part of a general problem of health and obesity problems in the population. And since recent studies show that there are lots of fat Israeli kids, it was only a matter of time until someone would decide that solutions should be legislative.

A couple of weeks ago there was a law proposal, regarding publicity/commercials for food items meant for minors. The proposal suggests forming a committee that will examine food items, based on specified criteria. And foods which will be found to be “unhealthy” will have all sorts of publicity limitations, like being shown on TV only at late hours, preventing celebrities from endorsing them, and so on.

Plus one thing which I find amusing: Any such commercial will have to include a disclaimer stating that “Excessive consumption of this product damages the health”. Now, the statement is entirely valid and true. It’s just that even if you take the healthiest food around, an excessive consumption of it will certainly damage your health. An excessive consumption of anything will damage the health. So putting such a disclaimer won’t do anything except convince people that it’s just hogwash meant to frighten them, and they need to pay no attention. Plus, well, it’s just so absurd that it’s funny. If they put those disclaimers there, they should start putting them on bottled water ads as well.

Their criteria also limit sugar (Yep, the proposal says “sugar”, not “carbohydrates”. I wonder how will all those “sugar-free” foods containing Sorbitol and such will fare. It’s not technically “sugar” even if it turns to sugar once you metabolize it, and food sellers have been playing that game for a while) and fats based on the percentage of their caloric input in the food. I find that odd. It means that if you take the same item that contain certain amounts of fat which makes it just borderline, and then add a little sugar that will not pass the sugar limit, this food will suddenly become healthy. Is that amazing, or what?

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