Life can be terribly unfair sometimes

There’s this nice young women I know from an online group. Not too long ago her boyfriend proposed to her, and recently she found out she’s pregnant. She was so incredibly happy and excited, it was sometimes difficult to follow her message threads from the rapid bobbing and jumping around. But it was sheer joy to see someone so genuinely happy in life.

Today, she and her fiancĂ© were involved in a car accident. It was described to me as a hit and run frontal collision (No, I do not know how you can have a serious frontal collision, and then go ahead driving, and run away. Didn’t seem appropriate to badger her brother about this detail when he let us know on the group).

Her fiancĂ© died, and so did her baby, a girl who only got about three hours of life…

She is in a hospital at the moment, undergoing surgery, but is expected to make full recovery. Talk about being grateful for small graces… But at least she could carry on, and somehow get on with her life. I expect the emotional trauma and damage will be far worse than any physical damage.

This is all seriously and majorly unfair, and is a huge tragedy. My heart goes out to her. I do sincerely hope she will be strong enough to pick up, and manage to live with this and restore her life.

Safe recovery, Nutz, and may you not lose the light.

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