Journalistic research on curiosity item

That same Golden Palace Casino which has purchased a plethora of odd things in the past on eBay auctions, has recently also won a similar bid on a car which was, probably, owned by Cardinal Ratzinger, who is now the new pope.

What I find more amusing is this report from CBC news on it, including the paragraph:

A bidder with the username “golden palace casino” won the auction on Thursday evening.

Their story is dated from 06 May 2005 06:40:30 EDT, which is 10:40 GMT. The BBC story I linked to above, is from 6 May, 2005, 00:55 GMT. Which makes it much earlier, giving the CBC report about 10 extra hours to get more details had they wanted to.

And yet the CBC reporter didn’t bother to do a minimum amount of research, to see who is the mysterious buyer who spent close to 190,000 Euro to buy this car on eBay, settling for reporting the name, and that’s that.

I recognized the name. But even without seeing it before, any quick Internet search on the name would have resulted in dozens of reports about the crazy purchases by this casino. Why couldn’t a proper journalist do that? Most of them did manage to, after all.

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