Obvious medical complaints

It brought back some amusing (now) memories, to read this, about a patient who came to the doctor complaining that he’s hungry before he eats. Yes, serious brain power there, probably.

I recalled similar incidents from my dad’s clinic (He works as an ophthalmologist, and there were a few years when I worked with him, part secretary and part just dealing with the terrible new computer programs that he was forced to use). We had quite a few people (I distinctly remember at least three totally separate cases, and there were probably more) coming in complaining that “my eyes hurt when I do this”…

With doing this being looking upward very strongly. Try that, look up, now look more up, now try looking even more up… See? Hurts! So they came to the doctor to get examined.

One of them didn’t just say “do this” and demonstrated, but actually said “when I’m looking all the way up, or all the way to the side, for at least several seconds… “. So my father gave him the wonderful bit of medical advice “Don’t do that”.

Amazingly, the guy was a bit fazed. Usually my father’s bedside-manners are very good, though, so he didn’t leave it at that, but gave an overly polite and detailed explanation about the physiological range of movement of the eye, and what not…

I seriously think it’s a pity doctors aren’t allowed to treat patients like the imaginary Dr. House does on TV. There were quite a number of times I know I really wanted to. And I pity all the actual doctors, who have to go through these things all the time

We had another one who complained that her eyes started to water if she looked in the direction of the sun. I kid you not.

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  1. GruntDoc says:

    Glad it reminded you of interesting times. Thanks for the link!

  2. Post author comments:

    Didn’t seem half as amusing at the time as it does now.
    And thank you for the story.

  3. linda mccutcheo says:

    funny. it doesn’t hurt for me to look up for quite a while. could it be you are wrong? could it be that these people actually have a medical problem and you are just idiots?


  4. Post author comments:


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