“Saving Private Ryan” is dangerous to your health. Official.

From the New Scientists, Another fine example of how not to do research.

Sample size of 20 people? Only 14 showing the result of the conclusion?
In my book it’s more like meaningless statistics with plenty of noise,
than actual sample and conclusions.

And even so, they reached a conclusion that laughter is good for you.
Because there was a measured 22% increase of blood flow after laughing.
Compared to the 35% decrease after stress. If the sample and research
are unreliable (which they sure seem to be) then none of these matter.
But if the research can be used to reach a conclusion, which seemed
stronger? That laughter is good, or that stress/Ryan is bad? My money
would be on the other direction that the one the research used.

Can I say "Who has a conclusion waiting for a research" or would that be slander? Can it be slander if it’s true?

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