Dwarf Actors Shortage

I find this totally hilarious.

The production of the new Dr. Who
series has some serious difficulties. One of the kinds of aliens in the
series are supposed to be small blue aliens. And since they’re small,
they were looking for dwarf actors.

So what’s the problem? There aren’t that many dwarf actors, and most of them got taken by either the new Harry Potter movie, or the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie.

The Dr. Who production was left with roles for little blue aliens that they couldn’t cast. Oh, the horror.

On the other hand, good news for unemployed short people everywhere:
Acting career is what you’ve been looking for. You don’t even need to
know how to act, you just need to be short – and you’ve got this down
pat. Simple laws of supply and demand. And remember: don’t sell
yourself short.

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