Just to Make Doubly Sure

A few days ago a UPS courier arrived to our office to take a package. At first they guy said he’s looking for Y, and since we don’t have anyone by that name he was told he probably arrived to the wrong place. After looking at his papers he explained that he was wrong, Y is the person that ordered the delivery. We had a client that needed to pick up a package we made for them, and Y is the person there in charge of these things, so she talked to UPS to arrange the delivery.

He had the right papers, with the proper name and address of our client, so we signed everything and the courier left with the package. So far so good.

About an hour later a different UPS courier arrives, saying he came to pick a package for that client of ours. We only had one package to send them, so we told him it must have been a mistake, and that their courier was already there earlier to pick up this package.

He didn’t seem to happy about it, and asked us if we’re sure. We went over to take a second look at the receipt from the first courier, made sure everything was in order, and showed it to him.

The guy left, but a minute later he rang our doorbell again. He asked again if we’re really sure, since he talked with his superior who told him that he did not send anyone else. We explained again that the package was picked, for the same client, by someone who seemed like a UPS worker just like him, and who had all the proper papers. He left again.

We called Y and the client company and told her about it. She seemed more amused than anything else and said that UPS are stupid idiots not well organized. Her main worry was that they won’t try to charge them twice for the delivery.

Just to allay any fears, the couriers were both genuine, and the original package did arrive on time. From Y’s reaction this is far from being the first time that this sort of thing happened to them…

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