Bad ATM Design

This is about the ATM that let you draw money from a bank account, anyone looking for something on ATM networks, not here and now, sorry.

I needed to draw some cash money at a higher than usual amount, to pay for a cash purchase. Sounds simple enough. I went to the ATM to draw money. There’s a menu with different possible withdrawal amounts, and an option for "different amount".

The two highest-amount options were for 1,000 ILS and 2,500 ILS, and I needed a little more than a thousand. So I decided to give the "different amount" option a try. I usually draw less, and doesn’t need it.

After pressing the button I got a screen asking me what amount I want to withdraw. I typed 1-5-0-0 on the keypad, and saw it echoed on the screen. I pressed the "next" button.

No money came out. The screen was redrawn with a message stating "Possible amount for withdrawal 1,000 ILS. Please enter amount" and a few blank lines below the number 0. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I have more than the amount I specified waiting at the account since I knew in advance I’ll need the cash, so that’s not a phyisical limit. And heck, I could have taken 2,500 from the basic menu.
It was also very not obvious from the screen if the transaction was not performed, or if the stated 1,000 are queued and I was asked to enter additional amount.

So just to be on the safe side, I tried to press the "next" button again. I got an error message telling me that I need to enter an amount in multiples of 50. And got back to the initial screen of the "different amount" withdrawal.

I tried again, typing 1500, which to the best of my knowledge is in fact a multipliction of 50. Again, I got the same error message. So I typed 1000, pressed the "next" button, and got a 1000 ILS withdrawal.

Very useful option, this ability to specify different amounts from the predetermined ones. I’m impressed. Not.

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