Neighbours, at Work

The office space of the two floors above my company’s is getting occupied again. It was empty when we moved in, got later filled for about half a year, left vacant, and now we’re getting new neighbours again.

On the practical front, the only expected problem is that parking space is going to become a precious commodity again.

But currently we’re wondering how colourful are the new neighbours going to be, compared to the last ones.

Not that the last ones were something special. Oh, no. Of course not. Not at all. All they did was use the space as a warehouse, for storage. They were quite adamant about it, too.
And the way things happened, there was no reason for anyone to think the area was filled with anything other than storage.

Before they came in, workers came to fit the office area to the new requirement. They installed all the things needed in a regular warehouse.
Including air conditioning units, per each room near each window, not a central cooling unit.
And including several nice wooden half-circle tables with green padding. The kind you usually expect to see used for blackjack storage.
And including a large sign on the street, in horrid lovely red-green colors, stating nothing except the street name and house number.
And white paint for the walls. Lots of white paint. Can’t store anything near walls that were painted years ago.

Or the fact that several workers were in the place, almost 24 hours a day. Several quite well dressed people that stayed inside the warehouse. And a couple of muscular, tattooed, scarred, flashy dressed individuals who wandered outside all the time to help the visitors/clients park. And a couple of muscular, quiet, somberly dressed guys that just stood outside the door. And a bunch of scantily clad ladies (and I probably use the word "ladies" nearly as loosely as they were) that wandered around and attached themselves to visitors.

There were quite a lot of visitors for a warehouse too. And they didn’t seem to carry too many crates and boxes around. There were people going in and out all the time. Almost 24/5 (Well, maybe almost 24/7, can’t be sure since we only work 5 days a week. On the few times my boss got to the office on the weekend, they were usually there.).

At least I know that whatever was in storage was well protected. Police cars used to come over all the time. Cops came quite regularly for inspections, to make sure nothing was amiss I’m sure. At least every week.
As Scarface one of the nice parking attendants said (roughly, it’s been a while) "It’s very good they come regularly. If they’ll stop coming to get what they get, then we may all be in a big problem". He obviously meant the safety inspection reports.

I also assume that the merchandise kept there was perishable, or subject to wide market fluctuations. One of their customers arrived on one of the few days when they were closed, and so knocked on our door, asking where the gambling is. It’s nice to know that entrepreneurism isn’t dead, and people are willing to gamble with their investment money on new merchandise. Surely a sign that the economy was in a good shape.

Then they closed down, mumbling something about the police costing too much. I guess it was a clever way of saying that they couldn’t stay competitive with the taxes they pay, since the police (including those dispatched to look over their inventory) are financed mainly by taxes.
I agree, taxes in this country are too high. We get government supplied services, like police protection, for it, but it costs too much.

Luckily, about a month afterward they were back in business. The police cars for some reason seemed to come at a lower frequency. Maybe they got a tax cut by not insisting on having regular police safety inspection.
Alas, police visits frequency slowly rose back to the previous levels. And pretty soon they found a new location, and left us to wallow in loneliness (and spacious parking space) again.
All we have left are the memories, and the street sign.

The new ones aren’t in yet. We’ll just have to wait and see. They intend to use it as an office, though, and not just for storage.

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