More on New Office Neighbours

One of our new neighbours, from the firm settling in the floor above our office, have dropped by yesterday for an introductory chat.
I didn’t get a lot, since he was talking with my boss and not with me. But I did manage to get the main highlight.

The guy said they’re some sort of an investigation/detective agency, and work mainly with law firms.

Some coincidence.
Depending on who exactly their clients are, and what kind of work they do, this puts them either exactly on the same end of the spectrum with our previous casino operating criminal group friendly warehouse holders, or exactly on the opposite end.

We, again, get someone that may attract nice people who will want to burn their offices. But this time it doesn’t come with attached 24/7 guards.

My company is located in what amounts to an industrial area of the city, for crying out loud. We’re surrounded by various manufacturers, service centers, and various industry suppliers. So how come when someone new wants to enter our building, they have to do other stuff?

Well, at least I can’t say it’s boring.

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